Friday, April 16, 2010

Ok i cannot make a new account?

im trying on xbox live to create a booster account on halo3

i made gamertag

i got my windowns live id\

i confirmed my account through my e-mail

it says exactly this in halo matchmaking screen

(*matchmaking requires an Xbox LIVE membership with permission to play over LIVE*)

help! me! out! please!!!!!1

Ok i cannot make a new account?
what you do is become a membership that u can make a acount.

i think.

never happen to me.

halo3 the best game.
Reply:ask the supporter center of xbox

they can help you
Reply:dose the accont have xbox live? lol maby wait a hour idk call microsft
Reply:xbox is screwed up thats why i bought a ps3

HALO 3! Failed to load map?

Lately when I've been trying play Halo 3 and it loads everything bu t the Maps, Videos, and Matchmaking. When I try to go into forge or Matchmaking or watch a video it always says Failed to Load map. Also my XBOX has been making loud noises too. I dont have a modded XBOX and the disk is nice and not scratched. Can anyone tell me how to fix it please.

P.S. Yes I like COD4 and think its better than Halo 3 (Definitely not Halo 2) so no "take it out and put in COD4" comments.

HALO 3! Failed to load map?
Almost sounds like your dvd drive is going bad. If your system is standing vertical try laying it horizontal and see if it helps. Please make sure before you move your Xbox that there is no DVD in the tray or it very well may scratch it and ruin it!
Reply:also make sure you have the DLC maps (Standoff, Foundry, etc) and it might be your xbox live connection...try and back up to the main halo 3 menu and go back to matchmaking or forge a few times and see if that works.

Mr / Ms Single...You've got to answer this...?

This survey is for upcoming services purposes and so you determine what you want or hope to see...

Pls answer; i.e. Q1) Online dating sites Q2) 21

Q1) Online dating sites? Matchmaking? Chatting? Referrals?

(Q2) What is the best minimum age?? (of coz above 18)

(Q3) Do you think it shud be categorize by status?? and still open for inter-status date??

(Q4) Do you think you would rather have some pre-dating session like to talk/chat on the phone first and arrange the date yourself??

(Q5) When you're matchmake to someone,Do you think its good to be able to view it online??

(Q6) Do you think its a bonus to still enable you to browse and self-search?? (Introduction profiles) *Intro profiles is meant to secure other detailed infos on members.....

(Q7) Does it benefit you if you to have a mass tele-conferencing and browse their profiles online??

(Q8) What kind of features you would like to have in a online matchmaking agency??

(Q9) What price is right??

Mr / Ms Single...You've got to answer this...?
Have ur ppl call my ppl.
Reply:Too long
Reply:maybe later or never.
Reply:Why do we see this Q in diff heads.

Hey , we don't use these.
Reply:It's a free country and I don't have to answer if I don't want to.
Reply:wayyyyy to long!
Reply:knock it
Reply:eww...i hate surveys...
Reply:Don't do on line dateing. I'm not going to pay to get lied too.

Halo 3 - How to create and get random people join my cutom game?

So I've been playing Halo 3 online for a bit now, just by going to matchmaking and joining random games. However I want to be able to create a game (for example: a capture the flag on a particular level) and then I want to people to join my game but I can't figure out how to do it.

I've been to custom games created a game of my own, even added friends to my party and thats fine but then how do you get random people to join in the game? I have it set to open party (xbox live). All it allows me to do is start the game with the party I have, and doesn't add people like in matchmaking.

Please help me am I doing something wrong?

Halo 3 - How to create and get random people join my cutom game?
One way to get people is to invite recently met people.

You find them on the right hand tab of your message/freinds screen. Just keep inviting them all and eventually some people will turn up.

Note: To have people on your recently met list you have to have played with other people in the past few days.

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How do i get xbox live to work on halo 3?

on halo 3, or any other games..

I go to matchmaking and it says i dont have a matchmaking list??

how do i get one???

How do i get xbox live to work on halo 3?
yeah, you may not be conected. if you are, you need to make a tteam with other people or you just need to wait a while so people can join your game
Reply:you must chose a game type ( team slayer, social doubles, etc.). you must choose connection QUICKEST. If you haven't bought live teh it won't work
Reply:you must chose a game type ( team slayer, social doubles, etc.). you must choose connection QUICKEST. If you haven't bought live teh it won't work
Reply:Not quite sure what you mean...are you sure your connected to Live? If you are, have you chosen the game type? (Lone wolves,Team Slayer, etc)

Hope i helped :)
Reply:I have this problem almost twice a week... all you can do is wait.. i dont know iny other way to solve it..

A Few Questions. On Xbox 360 Live in Halo 3....?

Can you make your own matchmaking games ( or if you make a custom game will people quikly join like in matchmaking?) or do you have to go to matchmaking to randomize a game?

And how do you earn 'rep'?

how come nobody EVER has their headsets to speak?!

A Few Questions. On Xbox 360 Live in Halo 3....?
Matchmaking games are always completely random, only people on your friends or recent players list can join your custom game, and you get rep from people submitting a positive player review about you. As for the headset thing, I don't know but it's been annoying me.

Halo 3 xbox live question?

So I have halo 3, with xbox live gold. I wanna play with my bro using the same gamertag. Sometimes I see players and people with the same name but with (1) , (2) , etc. I've heard you have to sign up as a guest but when I do it on matchmaking it doesnt work....So what I need is a step-by-step to know how i have to exactly do this. Don't just tell me go to matchmaking, press the guide button and signup as a guest, cause it wont work.

Halo 3 xbox live question?
O.K. I called the Xbox Support line and they said that you cannot have guests with the trials. You need to have a paid subscription to Live. Sorry I know it's late and your trial has already run out, same thing happened to me.
Reply:Go Onto The Board, It'll Say Somewhere "Sign In A Guest" Press The Button And Sign In As Guest

On Gears Of War, It Works Like This:

Go On Menu %26gt; Versus %26gt; Xbox Live Player %26gt; Y %26gt; Sign In As Guest %26gt; Any Game U Choose.

Probably The Same For Halo.
Reply:After you go to matchmaking, DON'T go to the guide. If you have your second controller plugged in, just press A. (you can see a "press a to join" thingy below the host's name)
Reply:Yeah before you start matchmaking, your gamertag should be on the top right side of the screen in the list, you know? and there should be one underneath yours (assuming you have your controller plugged in right) and it should have the green 'A' button and say Join next to it. Press 'A' on the other controller to join, then scroll all the way down to Guest, choose it, and it should say

Reply:you can only play as a guest in social games not ranked. So u have to change the playlist to social (whatever you want) then leave it at that screen and turn on your second controler and where it says your brothers gamertag their will be the words press a to join below and then you sellect gues profile and then youre profile will be your brothers with a 1 in paranthesis